Ron and Joyce Bond Celebrate 81st Wedding Anniversary.

Ron and Joyce Bond thought to be Britain’s “longest married couple.”have just celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary

Ron and Joyce, aged 102 and 100 respectively, got married in 1941 after an alleged “love at first sight” encounter. The couple who hail from Milton Keynes, then went on to have two children named Eileen and Bill.

Ron – who served in the Second World War before working at a local garage – said: “Sometimes life is hard but we work through it together. We look after each other too.”

While Joyce, a former Woolworths worker, adds: “We never expected to reach 81 years of marriage, we know we are very fortunate to have achieved this amazing goal.

The couple say a bit of “give and take” is the secret to a long-lasting marriage. According to them, It feels excellent. There is no boss in our relationship, we both give and take.”

On their wedding day.

The couple marked their anniversary on January 4 at the ExtraCare’s Shenley Wood Retirement Village in Milton Keynes – where they share a flat.

Last year 2020, the Queen of England wrote to the them as they celebrated their 80th (oak) wedding anniversary as seen above.


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