Venus Williams Reportedly Still a Virgin at 41 New Report Claims.

Venus Williams American professional tennis player and 7 times grand slam winner is reportedly still a virgin at the age of 41 new report claims.

Venus Williams who is regarded as one of the all time greats of the professional tennis world has as a matter of fact been placed on prospective dating list , by some of the richest and most handsome bachelors in the world.

According to a viral new report online, which other international blogs have reviewed, Venus Williams is allegedly still a virgin.

The online report claims, “Venus Williams is sticking to her strict Jehovah Witness upbringing. By standards, Jehovah Witness practice greatly frowns at sex before marriage.”

Here are two responses from Twitter users:

The article claims to have spoken to a “source” who said the following:

Although the original source of the article is unknown, Venus became the #1 trending topic on Twitter yesterday morning. 

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