Magix Enga shares his Experience in the Underworld Community “Illuminati”.

Magix Enga a Kenyan music producer has come out to share his experience & reveal why he joined the underworld community Illuminati at 23.

Magic Enga talked about his experience during an interview with a local news platform, revealed he joined the Illuminati due to difficulties he faced at home.

Magix further revealed he was introduced to the community after meeting a lady who promised to helo him achieve massive success and fame. According to him, the lady also took her promise a step ahead by linking him to Dj Khaled for a start.

Enga further revealed that he has since left the underworld community and is now saved soul.

He reminded listeners that exiting the Illuminati came with a price. Using himself the an example, he said he lost everything that he ever gained while being involved with them, as well as getting involved in a terrible car accident.

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