Little Hanifa Abubakar Brutally Murdered 44 days after Abduction. #JusticeForHanifa .

Little Hanifa Abubakar has been brutally murdered by her abductors 44 days after she was kidnapped in Kano.

According to reports, 5-year-old Hanifa was abducted at Kawaji, in Nasarawa Local Government Area of the state on Saturday, December 4, 2021, on her way home from Islamic school.

Confirming the killing, Suraj Suleiman, Her uncle, said her remains has already been recovered at a mushroom private school in Tudunwada area of Kano.

Uncle Suraj Suleiman, in his tales, said the abductor first took little Hanifa to his wife, but the wife refused to keep her. He then took her to Tudunwada area of Kano state where he operates a private school, and then laced her tea with rat poison.

After poisoning her to death, he then sliced her body into pieces and buried it within the school premises.

Abductors of little Hanifa Abubakar were said to have collected part payment from the 6 Million naira ransom demanded but still went ahead to kill her. They were arrested last night around Zaria Road in Kano while greedily making effort to collect the second part of the ransom.

 Meanwhile, #JusticeForHanifa is currently trending in Nigeria.

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