African Doll : Sammie Okposo’s Cheating Partner vows to Keep Love Child. [Read Chats].

African Doll The lady who gospel artiste, Sammie Okposo had an affair with has vowed to keep their love child.

The lady made this known while speaking on what transpired between them.  African Doll in an interview on Obodo Oyibo TV prior to sammie admitting to his extra marital affair with her disclosed that their affair lasted for several months and they had s3x several times without contraceptives.

African Doll who didn’t admit or deny knowing that the gospel artiste is married, said she was overjoyed being in the presence of a celebrity she had been listening to during their first encounter.

She also narrated how Sammie Okposo kept in touch and reached out to her each time he came to the United States, with proof as screenshots of their chats were displayed at intervals during the interview.

Read chat below;

She further added that she was willing to cover up their dirty little secret but couldn’t as their issue began after she informed him that she’s pregnant. She said Sammie Okposo told her “she knows what to do,”  which was to get an abortion.

African Doll stated that after she told Sammie that she can’t take such decision at that time, he went berserk on her, disrespected her and accused her of trying to smear his reputation.
She also accused Sammie Okposo of trying to intimidate her, while admitting that what they did was wrong and she has taken responsibility for all that transpired from her own end. She also alleged that Sammie Okposo told her that no one will believe her story and that he has lawyers in Nigeria and US if she wants to go to war with him.

African Doll finally Maintained that she’s not asking him for finance, she added that all she’s been asking for is that he treats her with respect.

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