Kanye West Reveals People Never really loved #kimkardashian, they Only see her as a Commodity.

Kanye West estranged husband of reality star and mother Kim Kardashian has revealed that people often see her as a commodity and never genuinely loved her.

Kanye made the shocking claim in an interview with Jason Lee on Hollywood Unlocked. In the video released on Tuesday January 25, West, 44, claimed that he obtained a laptop with unreleased footage of Kardashian, 41, with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J. (The sex tape, which was filmed while the pair were dating in 2003, went public in 2007 and led to years of controversy for Kardashian.)

Kanye’s first claim came up in his interview while he was discussing “people [who] intentionally do things to be mean and hurt you.” He then went further to reference his estranged wife’s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live. During the October 2021 episode, where she got a lil bit cozy [kissed] with her new boy toy  Pete Davidson during an Aladdin sketch while West was sitting in the audience.

He said screenshots.●■

Kanye also laid emphasis on how he prevented the former lover of his estranged wife – Ray -J from releasing the second sex tape he had in his possession. The sex-tape incident has been addressed by Kim Kardashian several times in the past, and she didn’t shy away from the the impact it had on her personal life.
She even went on to talk about how sometime in October 2018, her Ex – Husband Kanye was warned by others not to date her because of the tape.

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