Bible burnt by Freedom Fighter After healing Challenge with Nigerian pastor Yielded no Result.

Bible has been burnt by a man alleged to be a freedom fighter after a 3-day healing challenge with a Nigerian female pastor went wrong by yielding no result.

The man Mr Mathais Ezeaku a freedom fighter, and the founder of ” Igbo loves themselves charity foundation ” was said to have burnt his bible and renounce Christianity after 3 days of healing challenge with a female pastor – Apostle Chinyere of the ” Fishers Kingdom Ministry Worldwide ” in Nkpor Anambra state.

The healing challenge began when Mr Ezeaku dared all pastors in Africa to prove to him that Jesus truly exists and has the power to heal on social media. The dare was met with a brick wall as most clergymen rejected the challenge except Apostle chinyere.

Apostle chinyere after accepting the challenge, made arrangements with Mr Ezeaku to host a 3-day healing program of which Mr Ezeaku brought 4 persons that were physically sick, and Apostle chinyere placed them on dry fast for the 3 days.

However, all hell was let loose after the 3 days as the physically sick still remained sick despite the 3 days healing program plus dry fast. This angered Mr Ezeaku, as he went ahead to disgrace the female pastor, and thus burnt his bible.

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