#JusticeforTioniTheus Trends online in Los Angeles following Murder of Teenager.

#JusticeforTioniTheus is currently among the top trending topics in L.A following the alleged murder of a 16 year old girl.

According to family report,Before her untimely  death,Theus was last seen leaving her dad’s house in Compton after telling him she was meeting a friend for a party. Afterwards she was found dead Jan. 8 on the side of a freeway- Interstate 110 in south Los Angeles. The Police said she’d been fatally shot in the neck before her body was dumped.

3 weeks after her dumped body was found on a freeway in Los Angeles,and with the growing social media attention on the investigation, the United States police authorities are offering a $110,000 reward for useful information on her killer (s).

The breakdown of the reward offer are as follows; California Gov. Gavin Newsom offered $50,000 and Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly Mitchell put up $10,000, the L.A. Times reported. Los Angeles City Council has now added its own $50,000 reward.

Experts say Cases involving Black victims are four times more likely to go unsolved,”. Since her murder, no arrests have been made, and police have not released any suspect descriptions.

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