Mgciniselo Jordan Allegedly Set to Marry Pregnant Influencer Side chic.

Mgciniselo Jordan South African business man is allegedly Set to Marry his Pregnant side chic and influencer Megan Gallie.

According to reports , Megan is said to be carrying Mgciniselo’s child, and his legal wife Melisiwe was totally clueless on the issue on ground including the alleged marriage plans of her husband until Megan called her to spill the truth.

Mgciniselo met side chic Megan in 2016, and has since transformed her life with luxury – he bought her a mansion in waterfall city, bought her an Audi A3, took her to Maldives for her birthday amongst other things.

Mgciniselo Jordan is deputy CEO at Deloitte, He has 2 kids with his legal wife Melisiwe.

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