Metropolitan police officers Caught in Series of Messy and Implicating Rape Chat Messages.

Metropolitan police officers in deep shit as series of Messy and Implicating Rape WhatsApp chat messages are exposed.

According to the report of a watchdog Metro police officers joked about “raping” and “hate-fucking” female officers, “killing black children”, and beating their partners.

Metropolitan police

Despite the visible evidence, 9 of the 14 officers under investigation are still serving in the force – with just 2 relieved of their duties – thus spurring critics to accuse the Metropolitan police authorities of failing to root out a harmful and fast growing culture.

See Chat Messages below :

Metropolitan police
Metropolitan police

In the WhatsApp chat messages uncovered the male officers are seen dehumanizing women, ethnic minorities, disabled people, Muslims, and black children.

 Investigations found evidence of “toxic masculinity, misogyny and sexual harassment” and the victims who complained of their behaviour were told it was just “banter”.

Today’s report revealed that the police officers would tell disgusting jokes about raping women and each other.

The report also disclosed that messages playfully talking about rape and other forms of abuse were sent on WhatsApp groups containing 17 police officers, and also within another WhatsApp group containing 19 police officers. There was also a private Facebook chat group containing four police officers it further added.

The highly critical report uncovered by the Independent Office for Police Conduct, is just the latest scandal under the watch of Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis Dame Cressida Dick.

Following this Latest development, there has been a unity call for Dame Cressida to resign or be sacked after the report was released.

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