Sophia Momodu reveals that People who Bleach their Skin are Confused.

Sophia Momodu the chief executive officer of “The Sophia Momodu brand” has come out to say that black folks who bleach their skin are confused.

According to her post, If bleaching was so great ,those who engage in it shouldn’t be ashamed to show off their dark knuckles and knees ( hyperpigmentation ).

Sophia Momodu categorically stated that having a clean and healthy skin is far much better than having a lighter skin as she made comparison with the Kardashian sister’s ( Kim & Kylie ) who never really allow the general public see them in their true form ( snow White appearance ) due to constant tanning.

See her post below ;

Sophie Momodu

Sophia encouraged people to love their skin because God knew why he created them so. She also cautioned those who are hell bent on bleaching their skin to learn to carry out research and if possible undergoe some sort of therapy.

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