Apostle Johnson Suleman tackles men who offer prayer to God after Misusing Women.

Apostle Johnson Suleman Senior Pastor OFM has tackled men who offer prayers and supplication to God after they have misused, jilted and made women cry.

The clergyman made this known during one of his recent sermons to his congregants. According to him, He advised men to stop
Shattering peoples heart, making people regret knowing them, making people remember them and they are in tears. Because of their character,  thus closing the door for every other person.

Nobody wants to trust any other person. If all you did in somebody’s life is to make the person to start suspecting others, you will pay. You know why? The blessings others would have had that you hindrered, God will make sure you pay for it.

He further added that, If anyone is in tears because of you, you will also be in tears. One cannot come to the altar of prayer when the person they have hurt directly or indirectly is alive, and they have not gone to apologise, yet ” You are coming to pray. My friend get out of that altar ” he rebuked.

He also called out those who break the heart of girls, promised them fake marriage, and while they are still alive and breathing, they move on to someone else. And later on they y cry unto God about their own marriage and childlessness . He stressed that God cannot answer such prayer because they have made someone else cry. He advised people with such shortcomings to Go and apologise to whomsoever they have offended or traumatised first before you Going back to God in pray.


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