LeBron James and Friends Spotted Fleeing from female Hookers in L.A

LeBron James and some of his friends were spotted running away from perceived to be female hookers after a time-out in L.A on Tuesday.

According to reports, after enjoying themselves in L.A on Tuesday and making their way out of the club, LeBron and his friends noticed they were being followed by a group of women wearing skimpy dresses and high heels.

LeBron James

The women were said to have been heard calling out to LeBron and his crew asking if they wanted to “go to the strip club.”

The NBAs best player to portray he was totally not interested in the women and needed to get away FAST, was seen running down an “up” escalator – in the wrong direction – just to escape the hookers. The women tried their best to make it down the escalator, but they couldn’t because they were wearing high heels.

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