Adeherself cries out after Losing Instagram page with Thousands of Followers.

Adeherself Nigerian Lifestyle cum brand influencer, has cried out after losing her Instagram page with thousands of followers.

The cute influencer whose birthday is forthcoming cried her eyes out as she revealed that the only thing she wants for her birthday, is to get her Instagram page back.


She said,

All I just want for my birthday is my page. Everybody has been telling me, Oh Ade you’re strong, just move on with this. I can’t even move on because I worked so hard. I don’t even want anything from anybody. Fine it’s a special date.

I really intended to celebrate my birthday this year quite well because I’m not the party type. I’m not even… Ask anybody around. I won’t say I’m a good girl. Yes but I try to stay on my lane. I try not to cross anybody’s part. I just want my page back.”

Oh! Dear

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