Nick Cannon ‘s Talk Show to be Cancelled after 6months over Poor Ratings.

Nick Cannon ’s talk show is set to be taken off air after six months of its official debut over accumulated poor ratings.

According to a knowledgeable source, the staff at the nationally syndicated show have not yet been let in on the newest development although the producers are pulling the plug on the show. 

Addressing the issue of the POOR RATINGS the Hollywood insider revealed Nick’s ratings in big cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta were good. But his ratings across middle America was a big flop.

The insider also explained that “To have a successful talk show is kind of like winning the presidency, you have to be popular in each and every state. Nick wasn’t popular in middle America.”

News of Nick Cannon’s soon to be cancelled talk show first started bubbling in 2020 after he beautifully impressed producers with his daytime talk show talents when he filled in for Wendy Williams during her long absence due to illness.

Nick became a topic of discussion when the show was announced because Fox’s “The Masked Singer,” which he hosted, had become the No. 1 new show, drawing “more than 17 million… viewers in its record-breaking 2018 debut” according to Deadline.

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