Nigerian man breaks up with Girlfriend for being too Materialistic. [ Read Chats ].

Nigerian man call it quit in his 2 -year relationship after failing to meet exorbitant iPhone 11 demands of his materialistic girlfriend and unnecessary pressure.

According to the chats below shared online by @jayythedope on Twitter, the lady gave her boyfriend an ultimatum to buy her the ios phone and failure to act accordingly she would end the relationship.

When questioned if the ios phone is of more importance to her than their 2-year old relationship, the young lady courageously said YES. [ Read chats below ].

The troubled man from the chats above disclosed that he had earlier bought her a bone-straight wig and told her to be patient with him while he saves up for the iPhone, but she insisted on getting the iPhone 11 by the said date which is her birthday. Feeling too pressured by her demands and threats, decided to break off the relationship with her.

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