North Korea will Pulverize South Korea if they violate an inch of its Territory – Kim yo Jong.

North Korea will cause south Korea to cease to exist if they should if they should abuse and disrespect an inch of its territory Kim yo Jong has revealed.

Kim yo Jong who is the sister to North Korean dictator leader Kim Jong Un made this known after their southern part ramped up a ballistic missile test with 9 launches this year.

In her words , she said

If a situation comes up and South Korea chooses a military confrontation with North Korea it will inescapably force their nuclear warfare force to carry out their mission. If the South Korea were to injure even a small portion of our land, they will be faced with a catastrophe that is unimaginable.

It is not just a threat , it is a detailed explanation of our reaction to possible reckless military action by South Korea.

Kim yo Jong’s sudden outburst was prompted by comments made by the defence minister of the South Korea after he said the country now has a significantly improved missiles that now have the ability to accurately and quickly hit any point of interest ( target ) in North Korea.

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