Ibiere Agwu allegedly Separates from Sick Husband as she Calls on his Ex-Sidechics to Come Take Care of Him.

Ibiere Agwu, the wife of sick Nigerian stand-up comedian, Julius Agwu is alleged to have left him and called on his Ex-Sidechics to Come and take care of him.

According to reports reaching, the entertainer has been abandoned on his sickbed and his wife who has been taking care of him has moved on with another man.

Bloggers have since traced the cause of the marriage crash to the popular stand up comedian – Julius Agwu’s promiscuous lifestyle during his vibrant days. They also revealed that his estranged wife Ibiere wants all his ex side-chics to take care of him as they were the ones that enjoyed and lavished his riches when he was very much amongst the most sought after comedian in the entertainment industry.

In 2015, the comedian, singer and writer Julius Agwu was diagnosed with a brain tumour ( 3 in number lodged in his brain) with one of the tumour the size of a golf ball. He had undergone surgery same year, but had a relapse in 2016 when he went to London for his comedy show and since then his health status has been on/off.

Ibiere Agwu

Ibiere Agwu has been a very supportive partner to her husband in health and in sickness until she recently got overwhelmed by his deteriorating health challenges and the decrease in cash flow needed for his health management. Ibiere felt pained and cheated that while the going was good and julius had so much money to throw around, He had women “lots of them” in their various capacity who threw themselves at him , and enjoyed life with him.

Haven quit her marriage of 14 years to the comedian and reportedly moved on with another man, She has called on those strange women [ Ex-Sidechics] to come and partake of his suffering too.

Ibiere has since reversed to her maiden name [ Ibiere Maclayton ] on Instagram . The couple got married on the 31st of May 2008 and are blessed with two kids, a girl and a boy.

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