Funke Akindele ‘s Step son “Benito” Allegedly a Drug Addict .

Funke Akindele ‘s step son “Benito” who recently left a cryptic message on tiktok as regards her temperament is reportedly a crack head.

The detailed allegations came in from an anonymous insider few moments after Benito’s unpleasant comment about his step-mom.

According to the source, Benito who popularly refers to himself as the Prince of Sceneonetv is a drug addict. He became addicted to Molly ” at age 11. He was taken from the UK on emergency after attempting to rape his classmate. Back in Nigeria , he was then enrolled into Lekki British International school, but couldn’t cope academically . He switched school again this time to Green Spring , but unfortunately got expelled on April 3rd 2022, for getting drunk and serving alcohol to his classmates.

Following his last disgraceful escapade of getting himself and his classmates drunk, the insider claimed the father JJC Skillz beat benito Black blue and afterwards pacified him with a new mobile phone.

The anonymous insider who claimed to be working closely with the Family, revealed that Funke Akindele is strict , a workaholic and a perfectionist and thus someone as ill mannered as benito is not expected to like her personality. The insider also added that the actress has a name and brand to protect, and despite her temperament, she has a heart of Gold, and pays her staffs promptly.

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