Reno Omokri reveals Leaving Kids to Maids and Nannies have done a lot of Damage.

Reno Omokri has revealed that the act of Parents leaving their kids with Nannies and Maids in pursuit of career and money have done a lot of damage.

Omokri made the above statement in line with the leaked Porographic video involving students alleged to be minors from the Chrisland school VGC Lagos.

According to a memo directed to men in the society, Reno said – Man was created by God as a provider , while Woman was created as his helper, and that the ideal family is one where the husband works to provide while the wife cares for the home.

Reno omokri

Reno also ask men to stop accusing women of Gold digging or calling women Gold diggers when they consider a man’s income before agreeing to marriage.

He concluded by telling mothers that no one is in the best position to look after their kids but Them.

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