Abortion Right Law : Supreme Court set to Investigate Leakage.

Abortion Right Law : The Supreme Court has declared its intention to investigate the Leakage of the Law to the General populace by a yet to be identified or confirmed person.

Following the breaking news that hinted and accused the Supreme Court of having a draft to potentially overturn the historic abortion rights law Roe v. Wade, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts officially confirmed that the draft was Genuine.

Chief Justice John Roberts also revealed that a full blown investigation is now underway involving the FBI and the CIA to find out who leaked the highly confidential information.

According to him, although the draft was Genuine, it is NOT a final decision and the formal outcome regarding the future of Roe v. Wade has not been determined, as the official decision will not be decided until June.

The Abortion Right Law since it was leaked earlier this week has sparked massive backlash and outrage including small and large group peaceful protests .

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