Mount Everest climbed for the 10th time by a Nepali Woman as she breaks her own Record.

Mount Everest has been climbed for the 10th time by a Nepali Woman as she breaks her very own world Record.

Lhakpa Sherpa 48-year-old from Nepali climbed Mount Everest for the 10th time on Thursday, May 12, breaking her own record for the most summits of the world’s highest mountain by a female climber.

Her brother Mingma Gelu Sherpa, an official of her Seven Summit Club hiking agency, told Reuters on Thursday as soon as she achieved the feat.

Her story Lhakpa Sherpa said to the BBC after the feat;

“I felt like I’d reached my dream when I reached Everest’s summit for the first time,” “I felt like I’d changed Sherpa culture, the status of Sherpa women and Nepali women. I enjoyed being outside of my home and I wanted to share that feeling with all women.”

“I was born in a cave,” she said, breaking into laughter. “I don’t even know my date of birth. My passport says I am 48.”

“I remember having to walk for hours, sometimes carrying my brothers to school, only to be turned away when I got there. At the time, girls were not allowed to go to school.”

“I grew up right next to Everest,” she recalled. “I could see it from my home. 

Everest, which is 29,031.69-foot [8,848.86-metre] tall, was climbed by Lhakpa Sherpa for the last time in 2018. Meanwhile Kami Rita Sherpa, another Nepali indigen holds the men’s record of 26 climbs.

Mount Everest since it was discovered, has been climbed 10,657 times. It was first climbed in 1953, and many have climbed it more than once, and a total of 311 people have died while trying to climb it.

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