U.S set to End Covid-19 Test for International Travellers.

U.S is set to halt the compulsory Covid-19 test required by International travelers before granting them entrance into the self acclaimed “God’s own Land”.

A top tier administration official and a US Centers For Disease Control and Prevention official revealed that they were dropping the requirement due to the “astounding progress” the country had made in the fight against the deadly coronavirus.


The above change comes into effect beginning from Sunday, June 12, and the CDC [ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ] is expected cross-check the policy in 90 days.


The administration has disclosed it will not hesitate reinstate the rule should new variants spring up and make officials believe it is a necessity to do so


” We have made lifesaving vaccines and treatments widely available and these tools are working to prevent serious illness and death, and are effective against the prevalent variants circulating in the US and around the world,” a senior official told reporters.

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