Cheryl Burke Blames her inability to experience “Orgasm” on Shame, Child abuse and Vulnerability.

Cheryl Burke pro dancer has come out in all honesty about her sex life. She revealed she is totally clueless on what orgasm feels like and blamed it on some personal experiences.

The professional dancer — who earlier this year filed for divorce from husband Matthew Lawrence in February decided to come clean and talk about her experience because she has always been “open minded” with her fans.

During a Tuesday episode on her podcast she said

“I’ve never really, I guess, had an orgasm before when it comes to intercourse,” she explained. “This doesn’t reflect on any partner I’ve been with. It only reflects on me.”

“I think the reason I didn’t want to say it [at the time] was because I didn’t want to hurt anyone,” she added. “But that has nothing to do with the person, it has everything to do with me and my shame and my child abuse and my vulnerability.”

Cheryl Burke in 2015, opened up about the molestation she experienced as a child during a TLC documentary titled  Breaking the Silence. She revealed that when she was still a child , her biological father moved to Thailand and her mother re-married and often asked a neighbor in his 60s to babysit for her when she was in kindergarten. It was then, she said, that the cycle of molestation started:

“He would cuddle me, he would make me watch pornographic videos. He was kind of like that fatherly figure – I think he knew my weakness, that I was very insecure. He knew that no one was ever around.”

“I couldn’t speak up for myself, It was hard for me to say no. In a weird way it was like I didn’t want to hurt him.”

Burke while promoting her interview with Jaiya Last week, revealed on Instagram that she has been celibate since 2021.

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