Moderna to seek Authorization for its newly developed ” bivalent ” booster shots.

Moderna pharmaceutical company is set to receive “go ahead ” for its newly developed “bivalent” covid booster shot that targets both the original virus and omicron strain.

The authorization which is expected to be given to them by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is still on the waiting list despite the pharmaceutical company releasing a preliminary data that showed the new “bivalent booster shot” caused an all 8 times great increase in neutralizing antibody levels while still being effective against other variants of interest.

Meanwhile Moderna pharmaceutical President Stephen Hoge said he is optimistic the newly updated shot will be more effective than the already existing booster earlier developed by the company.


Moderna updated shot, known as mRNA-1273.214, according to the company has “well-tolerated” side effects when compared with familiar side effects from the original booster shot.

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