Zendaya Shut down Pregnancy Rumour

Zendaya American actress, has shut down rumors reportedly insinuating that she’s pregnant with her first child. 

The alleged rumour was said to have began when a TikTok video featuring a false and photoshopped sonogram photo was uploaded and cloned to make it look like the famous actress posted it herself popped up on the social media platform..

Included in the fake video was momager Kris Jenner and a fake caption that read ” I love you , Half way there ” to make it look like the 25 years old actress did write it.

This hit TikToK as a ki and now y’all in an uproar talking about Zendaya is pregnant ? Y’all have to stop.

— they call me cam (@Thecmcbride) June 15, 2022


Zendaya Setting the record straight, On Wednesday evening, took to her Instagram Stories to say that people are ‘just making stuff up for no reason whatsoever .’ 


Meanwhile , the Euphoria star is currently in a romantic relationship with actor Tom Holland.


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