Khloe Kardashian reportedly Undergoes BBL Reversal Surgery. [ see photo ]

Khloe Kardashian has reportedly just gone through a BBL Reversal Surgery to radically change her shape has learned.

Khloe’s pretty huge body transformation. Was made known via credible social media reports. Previously , she admitted to undergoing multiple fat transfer surgeries – or BBLs, but now a new reports reveals she’s had the BBLs reversed, and her butt “removed.” and her physique is now much closer to the way it looked way before her body of surgeries. See photo


Brazilian Butt lift surgery is a very much reversible procedure – but with a HUGE downside.

Good News – to reverse the surgery, the fat injected into the butt is sucked out and removed through liposuction.

Bad news – the woman’s new “smaller” butt usually looks like a deflated michelline tire.

Plastic surgeons despite warnings that the buttock won’t appear exactly the same as it did before undergoing the initial Brazilian butt lift [ BBL ] procedure, female patients should consider thoroughly whether the reversal will make them happier with the appearance of their buttocks.

In other words, Khloe’s butt, without other form of support like Spanx or Skims, probably has the look of two deflated basketballs oooops!

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