Papaya Ex throws Subtle Shade at Controversial Blogger .

Papaya Ex real names Raheem Abike Halimah a well known influencer has thrown subtle shade at Controversial blogger, Gistlover as she celebrates the opening of her mum’s new mansion.

Papaya took to social media to flaunt her mum’s new mansion in Ibadan after the blogger roused the interest of social media netizens in raising funds for the influencers father after making known his identity releasing details about her father suffering an alleged abandonment by the influencer and her mother Muti Oyo after exhausting him financially  in Ibadan Oyo state.

Papaya Ex

In the spirit of celebration after announcing the house warming online, was asked by a fan if there is room for Gistlover and followers and she replied affirming that the mansion has lots of rooms to cater for Gistlover as seen in the picture above.

Meanwhile, another gist hit the net after papaya Ex claimed to have caught red handed a woman sent by the blogger to infiltrate her circle, gather negative informations and publish online. The influencer and her friends of course didn’t forget to serve the alleged evil informant some dose of confrontation and humiliation

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