Blessing CEO Undergoes Liposuction despite condemning the Idea. (Video)

Blessing CEO Self acclaimed Relationship therapist, has embarked on liposuction barely a few weeks after condemning it.

In May, 2022 the relationship therapist blessing Okoro Nkiruka took to social media to share a video of herself working out while condemning liposuction and shaming ladies who undergo the procedure.

She cayegorized them as ‘fake’ and claimed that they do not get husbands. She went on to advise ladies to save up their money and use it for profitable investments such as building a house rather than lipo surgery.

See Link to Before and After Liposuction videos below ;

Link 1 Before Surgery and Link 2 After Surgery

Her followers were left bewildered after she boldly condenmed the act, but cowardly went under the knife for the same procedure and subsequently sharing it on social media.

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