JJC Skillz announces End of Marriage to Actress Funke Akindele.

JJC Skillz movie producer and singer has announced the dissolution of his marriage to actress Funke Akindele .

According to JJC’s update, the once upon a time lovely marriage of 7 years came to an abrupt end due to non-communication and constant issues for the past 2 years.

JJC Skillz before his marriage to Actress Funke Akindele already has 3 kids with different women . He further confirmed the rumors that before the dissolution the actress had asked him to leave her house and has refused any form of meaningful communication with him. This careless act plunged their marriage into a damage beyond repair .

According to him, he is making the announcement of the dissolution to enable him find a common ground to co-parent and manage their joint businesses.

Although the sad news of the star couple’s end of marriage shocked friends and social media netizens, some celebrity colleagues have expressed displeasure at the decision. Soso Soberekon a renowned producer and talent manager threw soft shades at JJC Skillz who he said he perceives to be the wife in the broken marriage.

“As a man, no matter how hungry you are, never become wife”,

JJC Skillz

Also the First son of JJC Skillz Benito reacted by saying “I spoke the truth mehnnn”. This is coming months after he revealed during an Instagram live session that the couple’s marriage had hit the rock. He also revealed his father and Funke Akindele were no longer living together, engage in fights and had also cheated on themselves on multiple times.

In his words:

“They are not really together. They both cheat on each other, they both had a fight. My dad is practically living somewhere else. I don’t even have any care for them no more. I can’t talk for them as a couple anymore. I can only say what I have seen. They are in open relationship.”

Apart from Benito and Soberekon , Relationship expert Blessing CEO said the couple need therapy to help them get some answers to marital issues , but unfortunately it is ignored in this part of the world. She also stressed that marriage to the right person is sweet irrespective of the high rate of divorce.

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