RCCG Solid Rock Chapel Ojodu Apprehends Man disguised as a Woman inside the Church. [ photo]

RCCG Solid Rock Chapel Ojodu branch has caught red handed a young man disguised as a Woman inside the Church premises.

According to reports, the suspect went to the church on Thursday morning, June 30, but as soon as he entered the premises, the security guard on ground became suspicious of him and thus confronted him and searched his possession and shockingly discovered the suspect was a man dressed as a woman.


A member of the church who witnessed the incident said:

“He came to church this morning as a woman but our guard suspected him.

“After much talk, they suspected he is not what he claimed to be. The church guard had to undress him before we discovered that he is a man but dressed to church like a woman.”We don’t know his mission yet but he been handed over to the police.
“We found three phones with him and a lot of things. He also said he is a Yahoo guy and that he has a Facebook account where he deceives people as he disguises as woman.”

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