The Wendy Williams Show Content allegedly Deleted from the Internet.

The Wendy Williams Show Content in its entriety have reportedly been deleted from the Internet.

According to reports, Fans of the series show on Tuesday discovered they couldn’t access contents from the famous series show on YouTube as the entire channel appeared to have been wiped off .

The fans also found out that traces of the Show’s website and Instagram page also appear to have become non-existent.

Reps from The Wendy Williams Show, Debmar-Mercury and Wendy Williams’ team have not immediately returned

Following the recent discovery, Fans have expressed displeasure at the treatment and frowned at the attitude of the show’s former production company Debmar-Mercury towards Wendy Williams .

“Demar Mercury, you need to stop being messy,” a fan wrote. “Every time I say I’m going to watch the Sherri show, you guys do some clown s—. Regardless of how the show ended, all of you could’ve kept the social media platform’s like any other show!  Sherri watch your ‘team’ #WendyWilliams.”

Another added, “Debmar-Mercury should be ashamed of themselves for deleting the entire history and legacy of The Wendy Williams Show via digital media. What are they trying to hide or prove by doing this? #WendyWilliams #WendyShow.” 

The most sought after series show aired its last episode on 17th June after months without Host of nearly 14 years Wendy Williams’ involvement or special inclusion in the celebratory finale episode. 

Meanwhile,  Sherri Shepherd, who had functioned as a guest-host on the series show routinely since late 2021 is expected to take-over.

Wendy Williams following the turn out of event has revealed she will be trying out new business avenues since she has the finances to do so. She hinted at starting a ” Podcast” since she was already famous and in turn will earn more from it than the Wendy Williams Show.

New host Sherri Shepherd will debut her own talk show ” Sherri ” this fall, and will be premiered on the 12th of September .

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