Christa B. Allen Sparkd off Dating Rumor with Rapper The Game .

Christa B. Allen famous Caucasian actress and TikToker has Sparked off Dating Rumor with Rapper The Game .

In a video uploaded on her personal TikTok account on Monday Christa B Allen and the popular rapper can be seen sharing a kiss, with the 30 year old Actress warming up to the 42 year old rapper while he hugged her tightly.

The alleged lovers then turned their heads towards each other and briefly locked lips before bidding her TikTok followers farewell with a smile.

Christa B. Allen

Before the Video Upload Christa revealed to her fans that she recently broke up with her white musician boyfriend Johnny What , and wanted to switch things up. The duo began dating in 2017 and in 2018 they formed the Band Pour Vous. has noticed the recent increase in interracial dating – Black male celebrities dating White Girls as summer approaches.

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