BBNaijaS7 housemate Chichi reveals secret plans to scatter Relationships in the House.

BBNaijaS7 housemate Chichi revealed her secret plans to scatter budding romantic Relationships in the House.

Chichi, who chipped in her intention during discussion with her fellow housemate also told them she is proud to be a stripper and she doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks.

She revealed she is an orphan and  stripping saved her from poverty, and thus she will be forever grateful for discovering a job like stripping.

Apart from chichi, Amaka had also revealed her plan to scatter some relationships in the house. She made this known while discussing with , Pharmcavi on the 4th day of the show.

Amaka revealed that she’s ready to mingle with new boys in the house , as she is already feeling bored with the guys in Level 2 House and totally waiting to mingle with the guys in the Level 1 house.

“You people are fine, but I’m already tired of seeing your faces, it is not a good feeling .
I need to scatter some things that are going on here she added.

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