Pastor George Izunwa advises people not to let Pride Ruin their Sweet Relationship.

Pastor George Izunwa, the Founder and head Pastor of Gateway International Church has advised people in relationships not to allow pride ruin it.

The clergyman in his important message to couples stressed on the need to do away with the Spirit of pride.

According to him, in layman’s parlance;

” abeg ” no use ” yeye pride ‘ lose sweet relationship! ” I am sorry ” no de disappear manhood! You fit add small dollar to the sorry too; dat one na forgiveness charm! #July #wise words

In modern times, It’s quite unfortunate that pride has led to the end of many beautiful and enviable relationships . However, the clergyman advised that saying “I am sorry” should not be such a hard task for one who has offended his/her partner. He said that money is an added bonus that can also be used as a forgiveness charm when apologizing to ones partner.

Well, if you find it difficult to say you are sorry, then you might not be able to enjoy your relationship. So these are very important admonitions for those who are in a relationship. May God give us direct understanding in Jesus’ name. amen.

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