Gena Tew reveals she may have contracted AIDS through multiple Rape encounter.

Gena Tew 27 years old Instagram model has in a new update reveal she may have contracted the deadly full blown Acquired immuno Deficiency Syndrome [AIDS] through multiple Rape encounter.

The model who earlier revealed how surprised she was when her doctor told her the virus had been in her system for at least 8 to 10 years, and thus she must have contracted the disease [HIV/AIDS] when she was a teenager, between the ages of 17 and 19 based on assessment.

Gena who since her open confession has not confirmed if she had any intimate or sexual relationships with any celebrities she has been linked to thus far., she only mentioned she got tested when the symptoms became glaring physically.


She further added that though she’s still unsure when she contracted the deadly virus HIV, she has since reached out via calls to all her sexual partners to let them know of her status. According to her everyone she’s called so far has been very supportive, some even checking in on her to make sure she’s doing OK. She says so far, none of them has tested positive.

Gena also revealed she was raped several times when she was homeless and living on the streets of New York City . she said there is greater chance she could have contracted the virus due to the unpleasant encounter .   The TikToker also said that she previously received free tattoos, with the blood-borne illness which is well known to be perfectly spread through needles.  

Apart from a drastic weight loss which made her lose the ability to walk. She’s reveals she is currently blinded in one eye and she had to undergo physical therapy just to get her body back into shape. 

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