Simon Ekpa declares Alliance and Activation of Biafra Government in Exile.

Simon Ekpa rogue Self conferred Mazi Nnamdi Kanu’s discipline, has reportedly declared the alliance and activation of Biafra Government In Exile (BGIE).

Simon while making the announcement in a statement on Tuesday, said the positive advancement shows that Biafra “is ready to be free from ‘the British’ and her lower ‘Niger Company’ otherwise known as Nigeria”.

The estrange member of IPOB also noted that Biafra government shall function to secure the Freedom and Liberty of Biafra and its people.

Others are:

  • Represent the Sovereignty and Interests of Biafra throughout the world;
  • Engage in international relationships and diplomacy with Governments, States, Nations and Organizations;
  • Organize for the security of the peoples, properties and land of Biafrans;
  • Obtain diplomatic recognition for the Sovereign State of Biafra;
  • Organize the negotiation of trade and other economic activities on behalf of the peoples of Biafra.

The statement further appealed to the conscience of governments, organizations and individuals to support “the long persecuted peoples of Biafra in their struggle for Freedom, Liberty and Self-Determination”.

It also portray the Biafra Charter as the basic settled agreement for the commencement of a Governance and National Structure, Governing Authority and a Basic Code of Conduct for office holders, public servants and peoples of Biafra.

Moreso, the statement also brings to its original place their total commitments to making sure that the autocrat state of Biafra is fully restored in 2023.

“Our freedom cannot be traded for anything else, not for the illusionary Igbo Presidency, not for Mr. Peter Obi’s social media jamboree. It will be a total freedom from Nigeria,” he said.

The IPOB agitators also said that their fight for freedom is a fight for humanity and urged the world to listen to the long term cries of Biafrans.

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