Pastor Yemi Davids says it is better to have a happy home with an Average Life than in Riches with No Love.

Pastor Yemi Davids lead pastor Global Impact church has disclosed it is better to have a happy home with an Average Life than a Rich home with No Love.

According to the cleric, it is best to have a marriage that on the average but flowing with abundance of love between the partners than have one with excess wealth and absence of love.

Drawing practical example from the bible, the biblical perspective of a happy home says- better is a marriage where just herbs are being served but with the presence of love than that with great affluence and financial power with no love.

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The clergyman also hammered on the need for every aspiring bachelor, spinster and the married to indulge in well written books about marriage.

According to him one shouldn’t wait till their marriage is on he brink of collapsing before they begin to seek the necessary wisdom for home management. He advised them to plan their home now that it is not too late.

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