Climate Experts declare Anambra state as Headquarters of Gully Erosion in Africa.

Climate Experts from the Climate Change Education and Action Programme has in a statement declared that Anambra state is the headquarters of gully erosion in Africa & also retains its spot as the worst hit by climate change in Africa.

Africa’s first rank climate change expert and Head, Climate Change Education and Action Programme Elochukwu Ezenekwe, on Thursday August 4, during an educative & enlightenment session at the Government House, Awka, recalled the state had suffered the worst damage from climate change impacts in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa.

Read statement below;

He said, “Climate change hits us in Africa through various extreme weather and climate-related events that include drought, flooding and gully erosion. Drought and desertification are the least destructive and easiest to manage.

“Flooding is more destructive but usually allows for recovery of houses and properties when the waters recede.

“But for gully erosion, the damage is comprehensive and total. Be it classrooms, community health centers, houses, crops, farmlands, roads, electricity infrastructure, livelihoods and all, everything collapses into the very deep gullies and nothing is recovered.

“Anambra State suffers from flooding and is also the headquarters of gully erosion in Africa, hence there is need to prioritise or even outrightly declare a climate change emergency in the state.”

Mr Ernest Ezeajughi the Chief of Staff to the Governor Prof Chukwuma Soludo , praised the climate expert and the non-governmental organisation ( NGO ) for enlightening the government on the challenges and essential opportunities that could be explored.

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