Shaun King threatens Two New York Post Reporters for Exposing his Extravagant Purchases. ( see receipt )

Shaun King Black Lives Matter activist has threatened to severely deal with two New York Post reporters for exposing his extravagant purchases in a several written and published articles.

The BLM activist was extremely angry that the reporters has accused him of using donations to his political action committees (PACs) to buy a $40,000 purebred mastiff dog and a lakefront property.

Shaun King posted photos of two NY Post writers who made the yet to be confirmed accusation on his Facebook & Instagram pages and asked his followers to forward to him their home addresses and other personal contact information.

“To Isabel Vincent of the @NYPost,” King wrote on Instagram.

Shaun King

He also posted a photo of a male reporter and asked his supporters to dox him, according to Daily Beast.

Shaun King

According to an article written by Sheehan, the activist allegedly used $40k in donations from his Grassroots Law PAC to purchase his mastiff dog, Marz.

Sheehan in a co-written   report on Tuesday claimed King was defending his purchase of the dog. King who is also white, revealed the acquisition of the dog was necessary to safe guard his family from white supremacists.

He warned Sheehan and Vincent, saying

“That’s my word, “I’ve been far too kind to all of you that disrupted my life and made my wife and kids cry. Not going to accept it. Cross my family again and see what happens. And I’m backdating this promise a few years.”

Shaun King has since deleted all online threats .

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