Man Kicks woman out of Hotel Room for refusing Sex after flying her out with $5,000 . ( Video )

A man is going viral for reportedly kicking a woman out of his hotel room when she refused his sexual advances after he paid $5,000 to fly her out.

In the viral video, he explained the woman refused to have intimate relations with him even though he paid $5,000 for airline tickets, an Uber and the price of the hotel room where she lodged.

The man was outraged because he kept communicating with her on Instagram for 3 months before booking her tickets and she didn’t opt out.

Watch video via link below

Gone are the days when women would happily have consensual sex for a token – $20 and a Happy Meal. Nowadays, modern women expect a lot more. Most importantly, they see Instagram models showing off handbags, designer shoes, homes, jewelry and cars – and they believe they should get that too.

The young man in the video could have avoided the drama by asking one simple question: “You know what you’re coming here for, right?”

If he doesn’t ask the right question, then she won’t know what you really want. It’s a woman’s right to say no.

So men who are into hookup, should have that conversation with their female service providers before you make the necessary arrangement. Endeavour to tell them what your expectations are and ask them theirs too before you book an airline ticket.

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