Rick Ross Searching for a Fearless Caretaker for his Lion Cubs. ( Video )

Rick Ross is currently searching for a fearless caretaker for his acquired but yet to be delivered lion cubs has learned.

On Tuesday, he took to Instagram and posted a wanted ad for a caretaker among his 15.6M followers.

The rapper explained that he’s interested in acquiring pet lion cubs for his Promiseland Estate in Fayetteville, Ga. near Atlanta.

“I’m looking to hire someone to feed both my CUBS once they are delivered from SENEGAL,” he captioned a video clip.

Rick Ross

Rick Ross shared a video showing a hunky and fearless zookeeper playing with the already acquired but yet to be delivered cubs.

Watch video ;

“Hi guys! Rick Ross, today I am here with the baby cat. Your baby cat is here, they are ready. Yeah, you can see them here in Senegal, West Africa. Yeah, Rick Ross, they are ready for you.”

The problem with lion cubs is they tend to increase in size [ grow big ] fairly quickly. Thus they’re still cubs even though they’re the size of fully grown lions.

Another problem is the cubs are aggressive and rough during play and they sometimes eat-up their caretakers by mistaking them for food.

Although Ross would feed them himself, he also clarified that he needs both his hands in his line of work as a famous rapper. So, hence his franric search for a fearless person who won’t panic if the cubs get a little extreme in their play.

So far no one has willingly volunteered to feed his exotic animals. We’re told he’s holding off on delivery of the carnivorious animals until he does find someone.

Hopefully, the gig offers excellent health and life insurance benefits.

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