DJ Akademiks says “Radio is Finished” as he Weighs in on “Angela Yee’s” Breakfast Club Exit .

DJ Akademiks says “Radio is Finished” as he contributes his point of view to the viral news of “Angela Yee’s” Exit from the Breakfast Club.

Akademiks in a recent interview on Vlad TV, said the announcement in the first place was kind of weird after he listened to their explanations.

According to him , ” They said it was to figure out who was against them as they felt everybody was no longer on the same page with one vision and Goa in sight . ” It felt like one person leaving the band, but kind of not wanting the band to continue.”

DJ Akademiks

In Comparison and Contrast, he continued:

“Imagine if Offset left the Migos and said, ‘The Migos are done!’ like no. Quavo still rocking, whatchu mean? You’re just leaving. Now granted that’s a whole different story where the Migos are kinda just seen as them, same with The Breakfast Club. I just think radio is different now man. I think radio and radio personalities has almost gotten killed.”

While referring to the The Breakfast Club as the “Charlamagne’s show,” On Twitch, added that he didn’t think Angela Yee’s exit would make much of a difference.

He praise her for moving on to a new challenge and said he likes her.

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