Ese Eriata advises Lagos ladies planning to End their Relationships.

Ese Eriata reality star has revealed the harsh reality on ground to Lagos ladies who are planning to end their relationships with their current boyfriends .

Ese Eriata possibly speaking based on past experiences has advised ladies in Lagos, especially those who intend to dump their current boyfriends to just manage them like that because the good ones [ guys ] out there worth keeping are not much.

Ese Eriata posted saying;

” In case you are planning to leave your relationship and you live in Lagos as a lady, i will advise you to manage the Ogbanje and Papi Water you’re dating because anything you meet outside what you already have is a scarecrow.

But then you can try your luck even though the industry is rotten but there are 4% good ones out there that you can try your best in getting if you decide to dump your current boyfriend for whatever reason you may have, All the best .

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