Taliban Set to Ban TikTok over Promotion of Violence.

Taliban have announced that they will put some sort of ban on popular Fun application TikTok because it promotes violence. 

Taliban’s ministry of telecommunication said the popular app as well as PUBG [ Players Unknown Battle Ground], an online game will be banned in the country within weeks. 

A Taliban official in a chat with MailOnline said TikTok has been spreading immoral and non Islamic content and videos in an Islamic country among the very vulnerable youths of Afghanistan, and thus have to block it for the sake of our youths’ future,’.

‘They are just devastating our young people by advertising western life style. We are living in an Islamic country and these platforms have been spreading contents against it,’ he said. 


The spokesperson also claims that Facebook is also spreading same kind of content, and that the youths are wasting a lost of time on the platform and it is their responsibility as leaders to take care of them.


Internet providers in Taliban have reportedly been given the next 30 days as ‘the deadline’ to ban TikTok, the ministry of telecommunication said in a statement.  


People will be blocked from being able to use the popular apps in the country following already existing recent bans on music, movies and television soap operas which saw the Taliban destroying musical instruments. 


The new rulers of Afghanistan announced the decision in a meeting with the representatives of security sectors and a representative from the Sharia law enforcement administration.

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