Ashmusy Makes U-Turn on Controversial Virginity statement.

Ashmusy Nigerian skit maker, has clarified her controversial and recent statement she made with regards to her being a virgin .

Earlier she had taken to social media to claim that she was keeping her virginity till she got married. A statement which was particularly surprising to both celebrity friends and fans as she is fond of posting sensual pictures and videos of herself on social media.

Ashmusy clearing the air on her absurd claim of being a virgin, she said, 

“My personal life is different from my work life. Social media is literally my work space. I am an influencer, and that is my own way of keeping my audience busy and entertained.

“If one judges a book by its cover, one would get a lot of things wrong. If anyone judges me by my social media posts, they will get a lot of things wrong. It is possible that I am a virgin, and it is also possible that I was just joking.”

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