Angel JB Smith Causes Stir Online with Tweet Concerning Cheating.

Angel JB Smith, Controversial Big Brother Naija season 6, Shine Ya Eye finalist has stirred reactions online when she coached ladies on speaking up after cheating.

Angel took to Twitter, to caution ladies who admitted they have cheated in a relationship, claiming it is crazy to admit they were involved in such act.

She tweeted: Admitting you cheated as a woman is crazy. What happened to gaslight girl boss?

In a developing tweet, Angel claimed she was only joking about her previous tweet, which had stirred mixed reactions online.

“I’m joking; admit please,” she tweeted.

However, Angel’s tweet was trailed by mixed reactions. Many supported her first opinion that a woman should not admit when she cheat while others claimed it is wrong to cheat and not feel remorseful.

One Sandela wrote: If u don’t feel bad after cheating on someone loyal to u, u yourself don’t deserve love from dah person.

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