TBoss Angered at the Rate of Constant Hypocrisy and Lies Amongst Celebrities.

Tboss one of Nigeria’s reality TV stars has reacted to the many hypocrisy and lies of celebrities and social media Elites.

The mother of one who vented her anger via her Instastory revealed she is greatly disturbed about the hypocrisy of Celebrites and Netizens who paint themselves as good human when in reality they are not.

She wrote:

I get totally irked out by the hypocrisy of people on this App.

Talking about loyalty and painting themselves to be such good humans when in truth, y’all the most evil and dishonest creatures everrr.

“How is that even possible? Like do you really not see yourself for what you truly are or you’re so focused on portraying a picture of a person who perhaps never even existed. And don’t even get me started with the ones calling God God when WE know what y’all be doing!!! Sheeesssshhhh- y’all truly make me sick to my stomach.

TBoss in another post, pointed that things are quite Expensive in the country, yet celebrities lie harder about their daily lives.

She wrote:

“Country Hard Things coss d*e And yet our ‘celebrities” be lying even Harder…The pressure is truly getting wesser for y’all’s fake lifestyle because Yoooo. Come on.No seriously Come onnn”.

TBoss’s rage comes after Instagram skitmaker, and influencer, Amarachi Amusi popularly known as Ashmusy left many speechless by revealing that she spends 2million Naira on life problems daily.

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