Yung Miami Breaks up with Diddy for cutting down her Allowance from $500k to $200k.

The relationship between Billionaire Music Executive ” Diddy” & Yung Miami popular female rapper is officially over, has learned.

According to sources from Diddy’s camp the couple split, after the billionaire Music Executive decided to reduce the monthly allowance he’s been paying Careesha ( Yung Miami) … from $500K a month to just $200k.

Billionaire businessman Diddy began dating Yung Miami last year – and he’s been lavishing her with gifts ever since. Our insider explained, “[Diddy] gave Yung Miami a credit card with a $500,000 per month limit. And she used every cent of it.”

But according to our insider, Diddy recently decided to put her spending in check – by limiting her spending to just $200,000 a month – and that reportedly caused trouble in their relationship.

The insider continued, “It’s not like he cut her off completely, he just cut back a little.”

But Yung Miami doesn’t seem happy with getting any LESS than what she has grown accustomed to.

The Florida former City Girl following the recent development has deleted pictures of Diddy’s birthday off her IG page, and she’s reportedly said to have thrown shots at him on her Live.

Here are a few pictures that she deleted recently and also a song lyric she posted ;

Yung Miami
Yung Miami

Yung Miami is also no longer following Diddy.

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