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KISSING – Feelings , Impression and Perception

Kissing occur “When the lips and tongue Interplay…” Explosive feeling,..can’t get enough, always wanting more.

Although it may seem simple , Kissing comes with packages like – Feelings, Impression, and Perception.


Kissing, lip locking, or whatsoever name you call it, in many ways say a lot about your compatibility with your partner,and the well-being of your relationship (mother/child, husband/wife, boy/girl).


  • CHEMISTRY: Two friends,or stranger that are chemically compatible can engage in it. Chemistry is needed for emotional connection to occur.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Needs and desires of the persons involved. where to place your hand, setting the right mood,while focusing on their comfort, there is “no one size fit all “when it comes to kisssing.
  • NATURE: Novice shouldn’t engage in it. It should be of a second nature to you. Not everyone is programmed to know what to do during kissing.


There is a big distinction between how men/women,boy/girl like to be kissed. Women/girls ascribe big-picture significance to a kiss (mean alot to them,much of a big deal) except you fall under the I don’t care category of women/girls. For men, it is also meaningful,but its more of a Sexual connection.


First impression matters a lot. Kissing is great, it is the worlds favourite universal act of expressing love and affection. A bad first kiss kills romance faster.


You know most times,people express their indepth,undiluted,visual clear feelings in different physical ways. Some of those ways include:

  • Touching
  • Cuddling
  • Necking
  • Pecking
  • Prolonged hugs
  • Passionate stare
  • Kissing .

Be that as it may, in as much as people try to hide feelings,they get sold out…. Better to let it out, and be prepared to be judged, Good or bad.


  • Air kiss
  • Biting kiss
  • Cheek kiss
  • Eskimo kiss
  • Ear lobe kiss
  • Fore-head kiss
  • French kiss
  • Hand kiss
  • Lingering lip kiss
  • Lizard kiss
  • Neck kiss
  • Playful kiss
  • Single lip kiss
  • Seductive kiss
  • Teaser kiss.


  • AIR KISS: This sure happens from a distance,or close range. its a form of greeting between family,and close friends.
  • BITING KISS : It incoporates the tongue,its open mouthed.The teeth is used to grab the tongue.
  • CHEEK KISS: A friendly sign of greeting that denotes affection to a loved one,or a familiar person.
  • ESKIMO KISS: Rubbing of nose against each other. It also denotes affection.mostly done by parents to their children.
  • EARLOBE KISS: Ear lobe is pinned between the lip, and tugged gently either upward or downward. Its playful.
  • FORE-HEAD KISS: This is a starter kiss for romantic feelings.Mainly expresses love and care. its simply the “I love you,I care for you” kiss. It conveys deep affection.
  • FRENCH KISS: The classic French kiss is perceived as the ultimate. It involves a hot and passionate use of the tongue,and mouth action. Ravishing.
  • HAND KISS: simply means Respect, adoration, and kindness.
  • LINGERING LIP KISS: Done with a closed mouth, no tongue.It indicates deep love.
  • LIZARD KISS: Its super intimate.The tongue goes in and out of the other person’s mouth in rapid succession. its used to initiate sexual foreplay(preceding act to sex).

  • NECK KISS: Means your partner wants more passion,romance,and an uninhibited you.
  • PLAYFUL KISS: This involves making funny faces,and sound with your mouth,while been cute.Its super adorable.
  • SINGLE LIP KISS: done when your partner wants a strong emotional connection from you. It involves sucking the lips gently.
  • SEDUCTIVE KISS: This recquires expertise,because it involves careful moves that target choice areas of the human anatomy so as to produce the right reaction,and give the needed fulfillment.
  • TEASER KISS: for the crazily adventurous begins from the fore-head ,to the lips and down to wherever then afterwards sequence is reversed back to the fore-head. Its useful if you intend to “turn your partner on,and make them want more”.

Phew!!! Have any questions, or a favourite way of kissing you would love to tell us about?

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